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Here is a rough video of my final project in action.  This is essentially live modulation of analog audio from a turntable being warped and distorted by my laptop with the help of a guitar hero controller i hacked into a midi controller.

The reason I created this project was to make a statement about analog vs digital audio, hacking, new media, and remix.  This project uses the live analog audio to create a live remix using various pieces of equipment and software hacked together to create an awesome interactive piece of new media.  I wanted to show that while you should embrace the future, you should never forget the past.  Digital audio technology builds on the concepts of older analog technology and neither are entirely superior.  Digital simply builds on the per-existing platform of the past to create new works.

here is an example of my second project, RealTime.  I created a mini-game within minecraft full of different levels that involve moral choices and different interactions from the player.  You are given various choices involving murder, sacrifice, or simply trying to fend for yourself.  However upon completion, the game kills your for simply playing it.

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